Welcome to the Saipan Boaters Association

The Saipan Boaters Association was incorporated in January, 2020 to  perpetuate, foster and improve various aspects of boating in and about the waters of Saipan. To accomplish this, the organization has set forth the following objectives and purpose:

  1. To perpetuate and promote all forms of boating, both recreational and commercial, from the smallest dinghy to the largest transoceanic cruising, racing or fishing vessels.
  2.  To maintain communication with all members concerning any safety and security issues concerning their boats at a mooring, quay or dock and to assist whenever possible in preparation for inclement weather or any other situation which may threaten safety or security.
  3. To work with local and federal authorities and their respective legislative bodies to foster and promote recreational and commercial boating activities and the improvement/establishment of marine facilities including lockable storage facilities near sites of boating activity.
  4. To promote safe boating/sailing through marine safety classes and sailing instruction, especially including rules of the road.
  5.  To encourage assistance of members by maintaining a pool of volunteers who will provide guidance and/or labor in all aspects of boat maintenance and repair and to provide boat maintenance instruction on a regularly scheduled basis.
  6. To organize, sponsor, and invite local businesses to sponsor activities that promote boating and/or sailing, i. e. fishing tournaments, sailboat races, and boat shows.
  7. To establish a working relationship and a spirit of cooperation with the U. S. Coast Guard and U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for the purpose of promoting safety through safe boating checks and Courtesy Marine Inspections.
  8. To organize and sponsor regularly scheduled beach and shore cleanup activities.
  9. To encourage and provide sailing and safe boating education and activities with other boating associations, educational institutions, youth organizations, and all public safety entities.

Join us in promoting and furthering boating in the CNMI. Join Now.

Last Updated 3/13/2020